[MACBETH REVIEW] Macbeth (Bir inceleme). [i.e. A Macbeth review].

[MACBETH REVIEW] Macbeth (Bir inceleme). [i.e. A Macbeth review].

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MÎNÂ URGAN, (1915-2000)., Çan Yayinlari, Istanbul, 1965.

Paperback. Cr. 8vo. (20 x 14 cm). In Turkish. 83 p.

First Turkish edition of this first comprehensive formal, structural and historical review of Macbeth, by the famous Turkish expert on English literature and Shakespeare, Mina Urgan (1916-2000).

Urgan was schooled in Lycée Notre Dame de Sion Istanbul, and graduated from Arnavutköy High School for Girls (Robert College). She was inspired by her stepfather Falih Rifki Atay and enjoyed being in his circle of people of letters and artists. She was one of the first female skiers and swimmers in Turkey as well. She graduated from Istanbul University after studying French Philology. Following her doctorate studies in English literature, she continued her post-doctoral studies at the same university's School of English Philology. In 1949, she became an associate professor with her thesis "Harlequins in the Era of Elizabeth I of England Theater". She was appointed professor at the same faculty in 1960.

OCLC 13194929.