[LITHOGRAPHED QUR’ANS / CALLIGRAPHY / FINE BINDINGS] Kur’an-i Kerîm [i.e., The Glorious Qur’an]

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KAYISZÂDE HÂFIZ OSMAN NURI EFENDI (Calligraphed by) (?-1894).

Matbaa-yi Âmîre / Nezâret-i, Maarif Umûmîyye, Istanbul, AH 1298 = [1882].

Original full brown morocco in traditional Ottoman style, blind tooled mystical sun on front and rear boards, with a fore-edge flap. Fading gilts on front board, slightly dusty edges, weak hinges, and some loosened pages. “Matbaa-yi Âmîre” stamp on the last blank page indicating “the copies without seals of the printing house are fake”. Otherwise, a very good copy.

Scarce lithographed “Mushaf” in original fine binding, printed from the manuscript copy by famous Ottoman calligrapher Kayiszâde Hâfiz Osman Nuri Efendi, and edited by Kurenâ-yi Sâni [i.e., Second Chamberlain] Osman Efendi.

Kayiszâde Hâfiz Osman Nuri Efendi of Burdur (AH 1311 = AD 1894), was an important Ottoman calligrapher advocated the style of Kazasker Mustafa Izzet Efendi (1801-1876), and who gained fame for his skills at scribing Mushafs. After serving as a reciter of the Qur’an in his home province of Burdur, he came to Istanbul and began taking lessons in thuluth and naskh calligraphy from Kazasker. When his teacher died, he continued to take lessons from Muhsinzâde Abdullah Bey and developed his art. He is well-known in Islamic circles for the Mushafs he scribed whose pages were organized according to the ayetberkenar style and for the numerous times his Mushafs have been printed. Having not yet completed his 107th Mushaf, on AH 4 Ramadan, 1311/ CE 11 March 1894, while performing tarawih prayers, he suddenly died. (Source: The Calligraphy and the Calligraphers of the Qur’an by Süleyman Berk).

As of May 2024, we couldn’t trace any copies in OCLC and KVK.