[LEGENDARY TURKISH LITERARY MAGAZINE] Papirüs: Aylik dergi. No.: 1-47 (Set with two additional special issues) June 1966 - May 1970. Owner: Cemal S. Seber [Cemal Süreya]

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CEMAL SÜREYA, (1931-1990), Gün Basimevi, Istanbul, (1966-1970).

Contemporary blues cloth bdg. Set in four volumes. Roy. 8vo. )24 x 17 cm). In Turkish. 47 issues complete set.

Rare complete set of the legendary literary magazine, whose publication life was interrupted periodically due to financial problems of Cemal Süreya, one of the most important names of the poetry movement called "Ikinci Yeni" [i.e. The Second New]. Every issue is a special issue that has a large part of a poet and author.

The publication survived between June 1966 and June 1970, and a total of 47 issues were published during this period. Unlike the first period, the magazine became one of the most important literary magazines of those years. Sureya sold the car she brought from Paris for the magazine. Due to financial difficulties and March 12, its broadcast life has come to an end. In 1980 the magazine was reprinted quarterly. During this period, only two issues were published and no more were published due to the September 12 Coup d'Etat.

Süreya stated that he named the magazine "Papyrus" in his letter dated 22 December 1959 to one of his friends, Nedret Gürcan, because "the ancient Egyptians wrote their first writings on the leaves of the grass called papyrus growing on the banks of the Nile." (Wikipedia).