[KUFIC TYPES IN PRINT] L'ecriture Koufique: Applique a l'Imprimerie (Matbaa-yi Bilik ve Kufi yazi). [i.e. Kufic script: Applied to printing]

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DAMAD ALI KENAN, (?-1962), Imprimerie Amire, Constantinople, 1921.

Original wrappers. Demy 8vo. (22 x 14 cm). In French. 33, [1] p., tables, and plates.

First and only edition of this extremely rare treatise on How Kufic script is applied to print, a brief history of Kufic script, its use in ancient and modern times, examples of writing accompanied by illustrations, typesetting on the keyboard for linotype printing, its use on typewriters, its use in telegraphy (with Arab and international typesettings), etc.

Ali Kenan (?-1962), married Emine Nemika Sultan (1888-1969) in 191 and became a groom to the Ottoman palace and the royal family.

Only one copy can be traced in OCLC 1065045158, in The British Library, St. Pancras.

-- Kufi letters Printing types Middle East Arabica Islamic culture