[KRAFT UND STOFF IN THE OTTOMAN PHILOSOPHICAL LITERATURE WITH THE TRANSLATION BY BAHA TEVFIK] Madde ve kuvvet (Teceddüd-i Ilmi ve Felsefi Kütübhanesi Serisi 4). 3 volumes set. Translated by Baha Tevfik - Ahmed Nebil.

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LUDWIG BÜCHNER, (1824-1899).

Müsterekü'l-Menfaa Osmanli Sirketi Matbaasi / Dersaaded Kütübhanesi Sahibi Arsen., N[N.d.], Ist., N.d.

Paperback. Cr. 8vo. (19 x 13 cm). In Ottoman script. 3 volumes set: (736 p.). The first translation made by Büchner in the Ottoman-Islamic geography is the Arabic translation of the book Six Lessons on Darwinian Theory (SechsVorlesungen Über die Darwinische Theorie) by Shibli Shumayil in 1884. Later, his book, Fenn-i Ruh (1911), which includes some parts of the book Kraft und Stoff, is published. Büchner's influence, which is already on the agenda of the Turkish intellectual, reaches its highest level with Baha Tevfik and Ahmed Nebil's translation of the entire work named 'Madde ve Kuvvet' in 1911. The Ottoman intellectual who had met the Lamarckian view of evolution and later Darwin's theory of evolution had found what he was looking for with Büchner's mechanical evolutionist materialism. Büchner's work has fallen like a bomb on the Ottoman / Turkish agenda. As work becomes a book is selling very well in Europe at a time in Turkey. There are those who oppose as well as adopt Büchner's ideas. While Westerners of the period welcomed this work with enthusiasm, those who adopted the spiritualist view wrote rejections against this book in the Ottoman / Turkish intellectuals. (Source: BÜCHNER'S EFFECT IN TURKISH THOUGHT OR"THE POVERTY OF PHILOSOPHY", Can Karaböcek). First Edition of 'Kraft und Stoff'. Özege 11877.; TBTK 6990.