[KAZAN IMRPINT / MUSLIM SCHOLARS IN RUSSIAN TATARSTAN] Неизданные произведения Каюм Насырова... (Neizdannie proizvedeniia Kayum Nasirova i materyali k 100-letnemu...) = Kayyum Nasîrînin mugârçe basilmagan eserleri.... Prep. by Ali Rahima

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Edited by ALI RAHIMA, Tatarstan Halq Maarif Kamisariyatindan Ülkenin Oyrenu Buyurasi = Byuro Kraevedennia pri Narkomproce T.S.S.R., Kazan, 1926.

COMPLETE TITLE: [KAZAN IMRPINT / MUSLIM SCHOLARS IN RUSSIAN TATARSTAN] Неизданные произведения Каюм Насырова и материалы к 100-летнему юбилею со дня рождения (Neizdannie proizvedeniia Kayum Nasirova i materyali k 100-letnemu yubileyu co dnia rojdenia) = Kayyum Nasîrînin mugârçe basilmagan eserleri. Yüzyillik bayram materyalleri. Prep. by Ali Rahima.

Original wrappers. Roy. 8vo. (23 x 16 cm). In Tatar with Arabic letters, with bilingual front and rear covers in Russian and Tatar. [4], 133, [2] p., one two-paged plate of the “Archaeology, Ethnography and History Degree” of Nasiri. A transparent tape and added paper contemporarily on the spine, chipped on covers’ extremities, weak hinges; interior clean and good. Overall, a fair copy.

First and only edition of this exceedingly rare "unpublished all works" of Tatar scholar Kayyum Nasiri, edited by Ali Rahima. This rare book was published in "the Bureau of Local History under the People's Commissariat of Education Soviet Tatarstan".

Nasiri has a significant role in Muslim pedagogy and education in Russian Tatarstan by opening the first Russian-Tatar school in Kazan. In 1871-76 he taught in this school. Nasiri’s pedagogical views developed under the influence of K.D. Ushinsky and L.N. Tolstoy. The first works - "Syntax" and a popular science essay for children "At Leisure” appeared in 1860. He compiled and published scientific grammar of the Tatar language, spelling rules, and textbooks on mathematics, geography, and history.

Published works "Beliefs and Rites of the Kazan Tatars..." (1880, in Russian), "Images of Folk Literature of the Kazan Tatars" (1896, in Russian), "Tales of the Kazan Tatars in Comparison with the Tales of Other peoples" 1900, together with P. L. Polyakov. Popularized the Russian language, and compiled the "Tatar-Russian dictionary" (1875). Nasiri's novels contributed to the development of Tatar's artistic prose and the formation of educational realism.

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