[JUDAICA / KEMALISM IS BEING CONCEPTUALIZED BY TURKISH JEW] Kemalizm. Fransiz Parlamentosu reisi Heriot’nun ve Professör Dr. Fuad Köprülü’nün önsözlerile

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Cumhuriyet Gazetesi ve Matbaasi, Istanbul, 1936.

Original red wrappers with a portrait of Atatürk and Atatürk’s important historical photographs. Demy 8vo. (21 x 15 cm). In Turkish. [2], [v], [3], 347, [x] p., b/w ills.

First and only edition of this scarce book conceptualized the idea of “Kemalism” for the first time, written by a Salonica Jew, Moiz Kohen who was an adherent of the idea of a forceful Turkification of the minorities within the Turkish Republic. Kohen presented the principles of “Kemalism” in this book in 1936, then updated and translated them into French one year later with a preface by Édouard Herriot again (Le Kémalisme, Paris: Félix Alcan Publisher, 1937).

Kohen was a Turkish writer, philosopher, and journalist of Jewish heritage. He became an ideologue of different movements at different times: Ottomanism, Pan-Turkism, and Kemalism. Born to a Jewish family, he later changed his name to Munis Tekinalp. He would later become one of the advocates of Turkish nationalism and an ideologue of Pan-Turkism. After 1923, he became a passionate ideologue of Kemalism and wrote a standard work about it. He taught in the community schools and entered active politics in the Republican People's Party (CHP) for which he served on the city council. Tekinalp ran for the general elections in 1954 and 1957, however, he could not enter the parliament. He served as the secretary general of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. He wrote for the newspapers Cumhuriyet, Vatan, Aksam, Hürriyet, and Son Posta.

OCLC 923695419, 29877529.