[ITALIAN SUBMARINE INDUSTRY / WWII EVE / MIDDLE EAST] Cantieri del Tirreno Genova. [Photo album consisting of six large gelatin silver photos documenting the launching and floating of Turkish destroyer titled "Zafer" in Genoa Shipyard]

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[PHOTO ALBUM], Italy, 1929.

Original photo album with original six silver prints. Large 8vo. (23x25 cm); photos sizes: 15x21 cm. Captions are in English with printed text in Italian. [12] p.

Rare and attractive photo album titled "Cantieri del Tirreno Genova & Riva Trigoso" [i.e. Shipyards of the Tyrrhenian Sea Genoa and Riva Trigoso] including attractive six large-size silver gelatin photographs on six album leaves showing the process of the launchings and floatings of the Zafer destroyer in Tinaztepe class built under the 1929 programme in Fascist Italy, designed on the base of Italian destroyer Folgore, which were purchased while being built for the Italian Navy. 

Photos show the splendid process of the launching of this Turkish destroyer on the eve of WW II.

The captions: 1.,2. Destroyer "Zafer" launching. 3. Destroyer "Zafer" floating and launching. 4. Destroyer "Zafer" completely finished in Genoa Harbour. 5. Destroyer "Zafer" floating after launching. 6. Destroyer "Zafer" completely finished in Genoa Harbour. The accompanying crowd is seen in some photos while the Turkish-flagged ship is being launched. 

The Tinaztepe and the Zafer were built at the Riva shipyard in Trigoso in addition to the Kocatepe. They were inspired directly by Freccia's plans, but their chimney ducts emerged separately. They could also anchor mines and had a less active career, apart from a few sorties in 1945 in a Mediterranean furrowed by Allied ships. They were scrapped in 1957.