[IRAN / SOCIALISM] Islam va sosyalism. [i.e. Islam and socialism]

[IRAN / SOCIALISM] Islam va sosyalism. [i.e. Islam and socialism]

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SAYED HADI SA'IDI, (20th century), Châpkhânâh-i Mihr, Tehran, [Sh. 1326] = 1947.

Original wrappers. Some stains on the upper front cover. Otherwise a good copy. Demy 8vo. (21 x 14 cm). In Persian. [6], 134, [2] p.

Early edition of this Persian comparative study of Marxist and Islamic thoughts as well as a criticism of Shah's oppression, written by Iranian socialist Sayed Hadi Sa'idi, in the turbulent environment of the country immediately after the Iran Crisis of 1946. Ali Shariati (1933-1977) also used this book as a reference for his articles.

The Iran crisis of 1946, also known as the Azerbaijan Crisis, was one of the first crises of the Cold War, sparked by the refusal of Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union to relinquish occupied Iranian territory, despite repeated assurances. The end of World War II should have resulted at the end of the Allied joint occupation of Iran. Instead, pro-Soviet Iranians proclaimed the separatist Azerbaijan People's Government and the Kurdish separatist Republic of Mahabad. The United States' pressure on the Soviet Union to withdraw is the earliest evidence of the success of the new strategy of the Truman Doctrine and containment.

In August–September 1941, Pahlavi Iran had been jointly invaded and occupied by the Allied powers of the Soviet Red Army in the north and by the British in the center and south. Iran was used by the Americans and the British as a transportation route to provide vital supplies to the Soviet Union's war efforts.

Moshar (apparently includes the first edition printed in 1324) p.314 (Vol. 1).; Ayatollah Azami Boroujerdi Library.; Only one copy in LOC according to the OCLC: 1235901649.