[ILLUSTRATED TORLAKIAN CASE] Resimli Torlakyan muhâkemesi: Zamanimizin en büyük ve merakâver muhâkemesi Torlakyan davâsi

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AHMED CEMALEDDIN [SARAÇOGLU], (Ileri muharrirlerinden [i.e. A journalist of Ileri newspaper), (1893-1972).


Ileri Kütübhanesi No. 1 / Ali Sükrü Matbaasi., Istanbul, [1337 AH], 1921.


Contemporary cloth bdg. with Ottoman gilt on the spine made in the Ottoman period. Original pictorial cover saved inside. Roy. 8vo. (23 x 16 cm). In Ottoman script. 256 p., b/w ills.

An illustrated rare book on Misak Torlakian case in 1921.

Misak Torlakian, (1889-1968), was the assassin of Behbud Khan Javanshir, Internal Affairs Minister of Azerbaijan, in 1921. Torlakian was admitted "guilty but not responsible" due to his mental condition by the British military tribunal in November 1921. Torlakian was born in 1889 in Trebizond, Ottoman Empire. Joining the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) at the age of 18, Torlakian, tasked to obtain military intelligence during World War, by then a member of a Russian Army scout unit, provided valuable information about Turkish army dispositions. was sent by the ARF to execute Behbud Khan Javanshir Azad Khanoglu, (Azerbaijani politician, diplomat, Minister of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) and Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry), (1877-1921).

Torlakian murdered Javanshir in October 1921, the British tribunal issued a guilty verdict but ruled that he was not responsible for his actions due to his epilepsy. Torlokyan left for Greece, where he was released and left for the United States. Behbud Khan Javanshir was assassinated outside the Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul on July 18, 1921.

This rare book includes several unnumbered b/w plates like a plan of the route of Behbud Khan Jawanshir from Municipality building in Tepebasi to Pera Palas Hotel, shortly before his assassination, his portrait, Torlakian's photo with his friend and others.

Bookseller stamp on colophon. Slightly chipped on two pages' margins. Colophon date 1922 [1328 AH]

Özege 21155.; TBTK 1149. First Edition. 

Armenica Behbud Han Jawanshir Assassination Torlakian case