[ILLUSTRATED PROPAGANDA ALBUM / THE MIDDLE EAST / WW 1] Umûmî Harb panoramasi. [i.e., Panorama of World War 1]

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Müdâfaa-yi Milliye Cemiyeti, Matbaa-yi Ahmed Ihsan, [Istanbul], [c. 1915].

Original chromolithograph illustrated wrappers. Oblong 8vo. (14,5 x 20,5 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). [16] p., fully illustrated by reproduced lithograph b/w photos.

Rare second album of the series including sixteen reproduced lithograph photographs of the Ottoman & German armies in the Suez, Sinai, Palestine, Egypt, The Red Sea, Gallipoli, and Europe during the first year of World War 1, published by the Ottoman National Defense League to celebrate the Alliance of two armies during WW1. The National Defense League (Müdâfaa-i Milliye Cemiyeti) was an organization in the Ottoman Empire that operated as a front for the ruling Committee of Union and Progress (CUP) during the Second Constitutional Era.

The "General War Panorama", an album for propaganda purposes, was aimed to provide morale and motivation to the public and soldiers by establishing a bridge between the front and the rear by publishing the activities of the army with photographs. The most striking feature of this album is the frequently emphasized Turkish-German alliance. In the introduction section of the first issue of the magazine, the justness of the war was emphasized, and legitimacy was tried to be achieved with this activity.

On the cover, chromolithographed flags of the Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Empire with a calligraphic title of the album in Ottoman script.

Özege 24644., TBTK 12528., As of December 2023, we could not trace any copies in the OCLC and KVK.