[ILLUSTRATED ARABIC BOOK ON THE OTTOMAN FLAGS] Tarikh al-'alem al-Osmânî. [i.e. History of the Ottoman flags]

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AHMAD TAWFIK TAYMOUR PASHA, (1871-1930), Al-Matbaatu's-Selefiye, Cairo, [AH 1347] = 1930.

Original wrappers. The last form of the Turkish flag on verso. Armenian bookseller label on the title page is bilingual in Arabic and French (Librairie J. E. Sarkis & Fils., Le Caire). Roy. 8vo. (24 x 17 cm). In Arabic. 18 p., 8 unnumbered b/w plates showing the forms of the Ottoman-Turkish flags throughout history.

Extremely rare illustrated treatise on forms of the Ottoman and Turkish flags throughout history, written by Ahmed Teymur Pasha who was an Egyptian scholar, intellectual, and historian.

Taymour Pasha was born on 6 November 1871 in Cairo to a family of the Egyptian elite, his father Isma'il Taymur being of Kurdish origin and his mother of Turkish descent.