Four figurative sketches charcoal drawing on paper signed 'Esref'.

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ESREF ÜREN, (Turkish painter), (1897-1984).

Dated August-12-1950, [Ist].

Original four figurative sketches charcoal drawing on paper signed by Turkish painter Esref Üren. (20x12,5 cm.; 19x13,5 cm.; 23x15 cm.; 26x19 cm). One is signed by the painter, some autograph notes on the verso and front of the drawings. Üren was born in 1897 in Istanbul. After graduating from the Agriculture School in Bursa, he continued his education at the Fine Arts Academy. There he studied at Ibrahim Çalli and Hikmet Onat's studios. For a period he attended Andre Lhote and Othon Griesz's studios in Paris. After returning to Turkey he worked as a painting teacher in various cities. He joined "The D Group." His paintings appeared in that groups and Galatasaray exhibitions. He won many awards at State Painting and Sculpture Exhibitions. He also participated in exhibitions at Venice Biennale, Paris (Unesco), San Francisco, and Athens.