[FIRST RUSSIAN - TURKISH DICTIONARY] Russko - Tureckij slovar’ = Rusça - Türkçe lûgat

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AHMED SEDAD, Tip. i Litografia Osmanie = Matbaa-i Osmaniye, Konstantinopol, Istanbul, [AH 1325] = 1909.

Original cloth bdg. With bilingual titles in Russian and Ottoman Turkish (Cyrillic and Arabic letters). Cr. 8vo. (19 x 13 cm). In Russian and Ottoman script (Old Turkisddsh with Arabic letters). [3], 678 p.

Second edition of this rare and earliest bilingual Russian-Turkish dictionary; also, it's the only Russian dictionary with an old orthography printed in Turkey (Eraslan). The dictionary has approximately 18000 articles and around 20000 Russian words.

The work was prepared for the cadets of the Ottoman Military Academy in the last period of the 19th century. 19th century became one of the searches for solutions to fix the state's weaknesses for the Ottoman Empire and in that century, wars and diplomatic relations with Russia directed the Ottoman Empire to get to know Russian culture and land closely. As its first step, the Russian language began to be taught in military schools under the leadership of soldiers and civilian teachers.

Özege 17158.; OCLC 1030088468.