[FIRST REPORT ON THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE MEANDER RIVER] Menderes Çayi hakkinda rapor. [i.e. Report on the Menderes river].

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SÜLEYMAN SIRRI [ARAL], (1874-1925).

Yenigün Matbaasi., Ankara, [AH 1340] = 1924.

Paperback. 4to. (30 x 21 cm). In Ottoman script. 9 p. Süleyman Sirri Aral, (1874-1925), was the pioneer of water engineering in Turkey. He was born in Thessaloniki (Salonica), his father was Müderris Yusuf Efendi. Her mother Zühre Hanim and Atatürk's mother Zübeyde Hanim were sibling grandchildren. He was a graduate of the Turkish School of Engineers. He worked as Deputy Chief Engineer of Syrian Public Works, Yanya [i.e. Ioannina] Central Engineering and "Idâdî" Teacher, Baghdad Geometry and Flood Barrier Engineering for the Hindiyye Flood Barrier between 1906-1908, Jerusalem and Bursa Public Works Chief Engineer. He played an important role in the Konya Irrigation Project, (1907-1913). This report is the first one on the Menderes [= Meander] river improvement in 1924. The Büyük Menderes River (historically the Maeander or Meander), is a river in southwestern Turkey. It rises in west-central Turkey near Dinar before flowing west through the Büyük Menderes graben until reaching the Aegean Sea in the proximity of the ancient Ionian city Miletus. The word "meander" is used to describe a winding pattern, after the river. The river rises in a spring near Dinar and flows to Lake Isikli. After passing the Adigüzel Dam and the Cindere Dam, the river flows past Nazilli, Aydin, and Söke before it drains into the Aegean Sea. The Maeander was a celebrated river of Caria in Asia Minor. It appears earliest in the Catalog of Trojans of Homer's Iliad along with Miletus and Mycale. In this report, there's usual information on the Meander River with its geography and history. The second chapter includes the reasons for the improvement of the river and accounts about it with a detailed table. This is an early water engineering book printed in the Ottoman Empire. Extremely rare. First and Only Edition. Not in Özege.; Not in OCLC.; Four copies in the National Library of Turkey.