[FIRST PRINTED OTTOMAN COOK BOOK] Melceü't-tabbahîn. [i.e. Chefs' refuge]

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MEHMED KÂMIL, (Active in early 19th century)., Saye-i Sahane-i Humayûn, Istanbul, [AH 1260] = 1844.

In modern full dark brown leather-bound. First five pages' margins until the text borders were trimmed. Occasional stains. Minor wear on extremities of pages. Printed (originally) and many handwritten (contemporary) marginal notes. Overall a good copy. Cr. 8vo. (20 x 14 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). 132 p. AH 1260 = 1844.

Lithographed. Extremely rare first edition of the first printed cookbook in the Turkish / Ottoman world. “Melceu't-tabbahîn" is the first printed cookbook in the Ottoman-Turkish world meaning "Cooks' refuge" which includes 12 chapters: 1. Soups, 2. Kebabs, 3. Stews, 4. Pan foods, 5. Flans, 6. Sweet pastries, 7. Diary desserts, 8. Bastis, 9. Stuffing with olive oil, 10. Pilafs, 11. Compotes, 12. Breakfasts. Originally, types of garnish in derkenars (margins).

This rare book was printed nine times in the Ottoman world, also two times in London in English, and in the Arabic language, in Cairo, as it was translated.

Mehmed Kâmil who prepared this recipe book was also a teacher in the Istanbul Faculty of Medicine (Mekteb-i Tibbiye-i Sahane).

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