[FIRST OTTOMAN EXPEDITION TO INDIA] Musavver Hindistan seyahatnâmesi

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SELÂNIKLI TEVFIK, (1860-1910).


Mihran Matbaasi, Istanbul, 1901 [AH 1318].


Paperback. Not bound. Demy 8vo. (22 x 15 cm). In Ottoman script. 208 p., b/w ills. Travels into India. First and only edition.

Musavver Hindistan Seyahatnamesi [i.e. Illustrated Indian travels] briefly introduces the contents of the book and it provides information about the first expedition of the Ottomans to India, their situation, climates, regions, history, religions, languages, and geography.

(Source: Selanikli Tevfik'İn Hindistan seyahatnamesi (Metin - Inceleme - Indeks), Javed, Nadeem). 

Hejra: 1318 = Gregorian: 1901.; OCLC 49369676.; Özege: 14449. Rare. 

India Description and travel Ottoman expedition