[FIRST GUIDE TO AFRICA IN THE OTTOMAN / TURKISH LITERATURE] Afrîkâ delîli. [i.e. The guide to Africa].

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MEHMED MUHSIN, (?-1906).

El-Felah Gazetesi Matbaasi., Cairo, [H.: 1312] = 1894.

Original leather bound. 4to. (28 x 20 cm). In Ottoman script. 769, 13, 9, 2 p., 10 planches, 3 b/w plates. Hejra: 1312 = Gregorian: 1894. First and Only Edition of this first guide to Africa in the Ottoman / Turkish literature. Egypt, which is called as 'Ummü'd-dünya' in the Ottoman world, has become a region of attraction because of the richness it has acquired through the presence of the Nile river and has become a frequent destination for conquerors. The Nile River contributed to the formation of a great civilization called Egyptian civilization in the region. Due to its history, social and cultural richness, many works on Egypt have been copyrighted. One of these works is also written by Bandirmalizade Mehmed Muhsin Bey. It is the earliest Africa description work called 'African guide' published in Hegira 1312 / Gregorian 1894. The illustrations include schemes of pyramid complexes, profiles showing the pyramids' interiors (i.e. The pyramid of pharaoh Seti I), depictions on the walls of Egyptian and Nubian temples and pyramids; ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs with supplementary notes and explanations et alli. In the Medhal section (pp. 8-116), the author describes Africa's nature, coasts, geography, islands, mountains, rivers in the first chapter (Nile, Niger, Congo, Zanbaz), rivers in the second (Senegal, Ganza, the climate of Africa, the most famous lakes (Akhajar, Chad, Nigam, Big Uganda, Nyanza, Tanganika, Nyassa, Chad, Albert Niyanza, Bangveul, Istefani). It deals with mineral wealth, plants, animals, people, languages, religions, economy, industry, commerce, roads and gateways, civilization, political distribution, and then deals with major countries in titles. In 'Mebhas' chapter, describes Egypt fully. The bok has three folded maps (sized as open form: 53x70 cm) that show north-eastern Africa from the Mediterranean Sea to the Great African Lakes. Özege 130. Not in Kursun. Koray I, 580. Not in Karatay.; Library of Congress. Karl Süssheim Collection, no. 2109.