[FIRST EUROPEAN UTOPIA IN TURKISH LANGUAGE] Tercüme-i Telemak. Translated by Yusuf Kâmil Pasa

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FRANÇOIS FENELON, (1567-1715), Matbaa-i Âmire, Istanbul, [AH 1287] = 1871.

Original 1/3 leather bdg. in a traditional Ottoman style. Foolscap 8vo. (18 x 12 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). 276 p.

Third Edition. Very early edition of this first translation of Fenelon's "Telemaque"; made by Yusuf Kamil Pasha (1808-1876), under the influence of the leading French writers and thinkers like La Fontaine, Racine, Voltaire, Montesquieu, Rousseau; which introduced early Ottoman / Turkish literature to the utopian city called "Salante" for the first time.

Özege 20335.; TBTK 10653.; This third edition cannot be found in OCLC. (Utopias from the Middle East 15).