[FIRST CONSTITUTION OF THE ISLAMIC COMMUNITY IN YUGOSLAVIA] Ustav: Islamske verske Zajednice Kraljevine Jugoslavije [i.e., Constitution: Islamic Religious Community of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia]

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Drzavna Stamparija Kraljevine Yugoslaviye, Beograd [Belgrade], 1930.

Original wrappers. Demy 8vo. (21 x 14 cm). In Bosnian with Cyrillic script. 40 p. Age toning and stains on front wrapper, lacking rear cover. Overall, a fair copy.

Extremely rare first edition in book form of this first constitution of the Islamic Community in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia including 119 articles, soon after it was published in "Službenim novinama” [i.e., Official Newspaper] no. 167 - LXIII, dated July 25, 1930. Confirmed and signed by King Alexander I of Yugoslavia and three ministers.

Islamska vjerska zajednica Kraljevine Jugoslavije was an organization of Muslims in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. It was established on 31 March 1930, with the enactment of the Act on the Islamic Religious Community. The new law ended the previously existing Islamic Community established under the Austrian-Hungarian Statute for the Autonomous Administration of the Islamic Religious and Waqf-Mearif Affairs from 1909. According to the new law, the seat of the reis-ul-ulema, the head of the Islamic Community was placed in Belgrade. The King had the power to appoint the reis-ul-ulema and the members of the majlises in Sarajevo and Skopje and nine muftis. The Waqf-Mearif affairs were put under the direct control of the Ministry of Justice. On 5 February 1930, Alexander I of Yugoslavia enacted the Regulation on Temporary Organization of Governance and Affairs of the Islamic Religious Community of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, which gave the Ministry of Justice the right to control the affairs of the Islamic Community.

As of January 2024, the OCLC has not located any copies; two Slovenian libraries have the Constitution text from 1936 (See the 30th item in the catalogue).