[FIRST COMPREHENSIVE TURKISH MEDICAL HISTORY] Bes buçuk asirlik Türk tabâbeti tarihi. [i.e. Five and a half centuries of Turkish medical history].

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Matbaa-i Âmire., Ist., [AH 1341] = 1925.

Paperback. Cr. 8vo. (20 x 14 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). 236 p., 14 unnumbered b/w plates (8 separate plates). Osman Sevki Bey was one of the first radiologists in the country and one of the founders of the Turkish Medical History Institute. He received the first author and medical historian title with his works titled "Osmanli tabâbet tarihi" (1918) and "Bes buçuk asirlik Türk tabâbeti tarihi" (1925). In 1921, he took the role of X-Ray Specialist of Bursa Tuberculosis Dispensary from Dr. Refik Bey (Saydam), Minister of Health. He revealed that the Yildirim Darüssifa Hospital in Bursa was the first hospital established by the Ottomans in Anatolia. This is the first comprehensive book on the Turkish / Turkic medical history from its beginning to the present including folk medicine in the Central Asian Turkic tribes to Seljuks, Anatolian medicine to the Principalities period, and Ottoman period. It includes several fine illustrations of 'bimarhânas' [i.e. Asylums] in Anatolia and Constantinople, architectural plans, and very early anatomies. OCLC 254208627.; Özege 1886. First Edition.