[FIRST COMPLETE ALMANAC OF MODERN IRAQ] The Iraq Directory 1936: A general and commercial directory of Iraq with a supplement for the neighbouring countries

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MINISTRY OF INTERIOR OF IRAQ (Prepared by), Dangoor's Printing and Publishing House / The Times Press, Baghdad, 1936.

Original grey cloth bdg. 4to. (28 x 20 cm). In English and Arabic. [iii], 608, 278, [xxxxxxiii, sic.Lxiii] p., richly illustrated, three maps (two folded), many separate colors, and b/w plates. Fading on the Iraqi flag on the front board, slightly worn on the hinges of the spine, a stain on the edge, overall a very good and bright copy.

English edition. Exceedingly rare first and only "Iraq directory" issue, as the best reference for early modern Iraq. This superb early 20th-century work on the "complete Iraq", was also published in Arabic and English separately. All published.

The best reference in English of modern Iraq prepared by the Ministry of Interior in 1936, including history, architecture, archaeology, military history, economy, health services, jails, oil companies, engineering, press and printing houses, ports, navigation, army, government, Iraqi flag, and social structure of the country in the 1930s containing minorities and ethnic groups with statistics and history. The last chapter titled "The Commercial Section" is also the best reference for the trade of Iraq at the beginning of the 20th century listing all trade companies with attractive colors and b/w full page and in-text advertisements. This historically significant work gives invaluable insight into the social, historical, and economical structure of modern Iraq.

The book in almanac form which opens with a preface contains the full page plates of His Majesty King Ghazi I, views of Qasr al-Zehoor (residential Palace of H.M. the King), H.R.M. Amir Faisal (Crown Prince of Iraq), and His Late Majesty King Faisal I (Creator of Modern Iraq), photo-engraved in Cairo and Iraq, with special permissions of the Court. Then, the history of the Iraqi Royal Hashimite Family tree, and biographies of the members can be found. Some tables of conversion of years A.H. into years A.D., of Sunrise and Sunsets in 1936, temperatures and eclipses, and official holidays with the general calendar of 1936. This important calendar includes the special and historical days (like All Saint's Day, Occupation of Mosul British Forces, Armistice Day, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic feasts, etc.) next to a general chromo-lithographed map of Iraq. The work gives general information about Iraqi geography and administrative divisions. The next chapter gives a detailed historical account of Iraq to the present day. The government services (like medicine, transportation, courts, cabinet, army, sports, etc.) are introduced in detail. As the most important two chapters of the work including a richly illustrated account of the ethnic groups, inhabitants, minorities, and religious demography and 'liwas' of the country give invaluable resources to the Iraqi social structure.

An interesting additional notice by the new government of the period indicates "When the Iraq Directory for 1936 was still in the press, a law was enacted prohibiting the use of titles, such as Beg, Pasha, etc. in Iraq". This gives an insight into the relations of Iraq with the Republic of Turkey in the 1930s.

The last chapter titled "The Commercial Section" contains almost all national and international Iraqi and some European firms in the 1930s trade such as shipping and transportation firms, exporters, merchants, cinemas, hotels, publishers, and manufacturing companies in various sectors, is unsurpassed trade reference for the early 20th century Middle Eastern trade, especially after the nationalism of Iraqi oil created the Iraq National Oil Company by negotiations took six years and ended with the July 1928 Red Line Agreement with the US and Britain.

The maps' titles are "Historical sites in Iraq", "Provisional geological sketch map of Iraq", and "[General] Map of Iraq".

Overall, a historically important almanac of modern Iraq as well as the Middle East.

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