[FINE PHOTO ALBUM / THE POLISH EXPOSITION IN CONSTANTINOPLE 1924] Wycieczka studentów Polskich wyzszych Uczelni na Wystawe Polska w Konstantynopolu, 7-9 / 2-10, 1924. [i.e. Travel of Polish university students to the Exhibition Poland in Constantinople

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Constantinople (Istanbul), 1924.

Original very decorative cloth with a red silk strip from up to down, silver moon & star, and "1924" pinned on this silk strip, a cloth flap. A fine binding. Folio. (36 x 26 cm). Captions in Polish, a separate paper including typewritten French translations of the texts. [24] p. Some photos are 18x12 cm, most of them are 11x5 cm. Originally marbled endpapers in European style.

This fine album has 32 gelatine silver photographs on 24 cardboards which are common photos of a group of Polish university students visit the Polish Exhibition in Constantinople, between the dates of September 7 and October 2 in 1924, showing their travels in Constantinople (Some of them show Poland). The photos show the students while they were in Galata, the Princes' Islands, the Bosphorus, the famous cemetery of Eyub, and Adampol (Polonezkoy), etc. Adampol is a village, administratively a neighborhood, on the Asian side of Istanbul, where was inspired and funded by Prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski (1770-1861) and settled in 1842 by a small group of Polish immigrants, after the failed November Uprising (1830-31).

"In order to stimulate sales of their products in Levantine markets, foreign nations are beginning to hold individual industrial exhibitions of strictly national character in Near East cities, particularly in Athens and Constantinople -an innovation justifiable by the growing purchasing power of Levantine communities. Poland was one of the first to demonstrate the effectiveness of this method. Since its industrial exhibition at Constantinople in 1924, Polish exports to Turkey have been considerably stimulated, particularly in textiles and in agricultural implements and machinery. The exhibition opened on September 12, 1924, following the preparations by Istanbul Municipality and Chamber of Commerce accelerated the growth of relations between the countries and touristic activities in Istanbul. Indeed, various groups visited Istanbul, and representatives of both countries met during several organizations". (Sources: From the Vice Consul Royal in Constantinople report. [and] The Reflections of the 1924 Polish Industrial Exhibition on the Turkish Press).

The French translations of all captioned text in Polish:
"Traduction des inscriptions. Excursion des Etudiants des Ecoles Superieuresde Pologne pour l'Exposition Polonaise a Constantinople, 7/IX 1924 2/X. 1. Premier diner a l'etranger. 2. L'etat major des etudiants. Sur la Mer Noire. Sur le pont du bateau Romania. 5. L'entree a l'Exposition Poloniase. 6. Le tombeau du Marjan Langiewicz, Heros Polonais. 7. La petite rue a Galata. 8. Joyeuz voyage a Adampol. 9. Chevallerie des etudiants. 10. Les Iles de Princes. 11. Reunion polono-turque. 12 Les chagrins des baigneurs. 13. Le bateau sur le Bosphore. 14. "Corps Diplomatique". 15. Le Cour de Nosque d'Eyoub. 16. Le Cimiteire d'Eyoub. 18. Lavisite au Serai. 19. Le tour du Serai. 20. La plus sympatique etudiante. 21. Les relation internationales. 22. Le muraillee de 'Porta Aurea'. 23. Le zouper apres le retour d'Adampol. 24. "Eh bien, les colleques"... 25. Les deshumeurs pendant le retour. 26. Le chemin de retour. 27. L'excursion des etudiante urques en Romanie. 28. Les tudiants turcs et polonais en chmein. 29. Palais Royal a Wilanow, pres de la Capitale Varsovie. 30. Le plus vieu quartier de Varsovie. 31. Ojcow en Pologne, Les Rochers d'Hercule et le Chateau de Pieskowa Skala. 32. Une groupe de rochers a Ogrodzieniec.