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SEYH VASFÎ, (1851-1910).

Kasbar Matbaasi., Ist., [AH 1308] = 1891 AD.

Original bdg. Foolscap 8vo. (18 x 12 cm). In Ottoman script. 67 p. Several ink stains on boards, repaired spine in its period with an additional paper, a small blank label on spine, chipped on corners, slight foxing. A fair/good copy. Sheikh Vasfi is one of the great poets of Turkish literature in the 19th century. He had poems in three languages. He had defended Muallim Naci in old and new poetry discussions. His poems and articles were published in the Tercüman-i Hakikat, Saadet, and Mürüvvet newspapers. He used "Vasfi" and "Berki" as a nickname at his poems. Along his fifty-nine years of his life had 12 works on different topics. The first part of Seyh Vasfi's work named Feyzâbâd (Istanbul 1308), which consists of two parts, has the famous Iranian poets Enverî (d. 1143), Jâmî (d.1492), Hâtif-e Esfahânî (d.1783), Fahruddîn-i Irâkî (d. 1281), Sa'dî (d.1292), Hâtifî (d.1520), Salman-e Sâvecî (d. 1376), Ferdowsî (d.1020), Amir Huseynî (d.1329), Saib-i Tabrîzî (d. 1676), Sheref-i Tabrîzî (d. 1392-3), Nizâmî (d. 1214) and Khosrew-i Dihlevî (d.1325), and the second part contains the translation of some of their poems. First and Only Edition. Özege 5685.; Not in OCLC.