[EARLY PERSIAN DICTIONARY] Ferheng-i Suurî [Lisân ül-Acem - Farhang-e Shu'ûrî = Lesan al-'Ajam = Persian language]: Farsiden Türkçeye mükemmel lûgat kitabidir

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HASAN ÇELEBI SUURI [SHOURI], (17th Century)., Cemal Efendi Matbaasi, Istanbul, [AH 1314] = 1896.

Original leather bdg. with traditional decorative embossing and gilt lettering of the title on boards. Roy. 8vo. (24 x 15 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters) and Persian. 480 p. Traditionally framed text. First volume, all published.

Early edition of this exceedingly rare Persian-Turkish lexicon, which was one of the earliest Persian dictionaries in the Islamic world, written by Hasan Suuri Efendi from Aleppo, one of the finance officers of the Ottoman Empire. First edition was printed in 1742 and was the last book in two volumes of the first Islamic printing house founded by Ibrahim Müteferrika. This copy is the second edition. All published.

Özege 5625.; 780172767, 39832974 (Seven printed copies in American libraries: Concordia Theological Seminary, Virginia Tech, Butler University Libraries, Concordia College Library, Morningside University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Princeton University Library).

-- Dictionary Iranica Middle East Persian Reference Early lexicography