[EARLY IMPRINT ON ISLAMIC LAW] Cerîde-i ferâiz li-Salih Efendi. [i.e. Registers of the inheritance division and the succession by Salih Efendi]

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SALIH EFENDI, (18th century), Takvîmhâne-i Amîre Tas Destgâhi, Istanbul, [AH 1264] = 1848.

Original quarter leather and cloth binding with traditional flap (miklep). Roy. 8vo. (23 x 16 cm). Bilingual in Arabic and Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). 164 p., tables.

Exceedingly scarce first and lithographed edition of one of the frequently referenced sources in Islamic law on inheritance and succession which is a bilingual edition in Arabic and Turkish.

In the work, the situations of the children, brothers, sisters, and siblings, grandfather, Asabe (Ashab-i fürûz), 'Awl, Münâseha are addressed by Islamic scholars. The summaries of the subjects are first written in Arabic, and then their applications are made in Turkish, accompanied by tables.

Takvîmhâne-i Amire is an innovative printing house established by Sultan Mahmud II as part of the reform movements in the Ottoman Empire after Ibrahim Müteferrika (1674-1745) established the first printing house and continued printing activities for 16 years and then passed away. The printing press was established for the purpose of publishing Takvîm-i Vekâyi [i.e. The calendar of events] as the first official newspaper in line with the purposes of informing and directing the domestic and foreign public and then continued its publication life for a long time. Typographic and lithographic sections are available separately.

Özege 2958.; OCLC 40260123 (10 copies).

-- Islamic law Ottoman law Middle East