[EARLIEST RECORDS OF UFO SIGHTINGS IN TURKEY] CENAP Report 73. Edited by Hansjürgen Köhler and Werner Walter. 7. Jahrgang / H3 / - Marz 1982

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CENAP (Hansjürgen Köhler & Werner Walter).

Centrales Erforschungs-Netz Aussergewöhnlicher Phänomene (CENAP), Mannheim, 1982.

Original wrappers. Demy 8vo. (21 x 15 cm). Texts in German, with Turkish press material. 20 p., b/w ills.

Scarce CENAP-Report No. 73 of 1982 includes the earliest Turkish recordings of UFO sightings published by xerox. 

The CENAP-Reports are published periodically by the Centrales Erforschungs-Netz Aussergewöhnlicher Phänomene (CENAP). The Central Research Network for Extraordinary Celestial Phenomena (CENAP) is a private association of people interested in astronomy and parascience who are concerned with the elucidation of unusual celestial phenomena. This refers to reports of unidentified flying objects. The CENAP is considered a skeptic within the UFO scene. was founded in Mannheim in 1976 by Werner Walter (1957-2016) and Hansjürgen Köhler (1956). After Walter had his own UFO sighting in 1973, he and his colleagues founded the Mannheim Private UFO Research Group, initially as an offshoot of the German UFO/IFO Study Society. V. (DUIST). After the break with the DUIST, CENAP emerged from this.

The CENAP is largely hostile to the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis and exopolitics. The network is considered the main representative of skeptical ufology in Germany.

From 1976 to 2002, the CENAP Report (CR) was the group's communication organ. In the 1980s and 1990s, the special volume series “UFOs Limitless” was also published. After the printed version of the CR was discontinued in 2002, it appeared as a free online magazine until 2007.

Provenance: Haktan Akdogan’s Collection, the founder of the Turkish UFO Museum, and modern Ufology in Turkey.