[DRACUL IN ISTANBUL] Kazikli Voyvoda. [= Vlad the Impaler; Dracula in Istanbul = Dracula].

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ALI RIZA SEYFI[OGLU] (Adapted from BRAM STOKER), (1879-1958).

Resimli Ay Matbaasi Türk Limited Sirketi, Ist., 1928.

Original cloth bdg. repaired skillfully. Cr. 8vo. 19 x 13 cm). In Ottoman script. 240 p., ills. Ali Riza Seyfi was born in Istanbul. His real surname was Seyfioglu but he often wrote under the pen name of Ali Rıza. He was the brother of Süleyman Nutki, a naval history writer. He attended the Kasimpasa Naval Elementary School and served at various posts in Basra, with the fleet in the Dardanelles, at the Naval Science Commission, and at Tripoli as a naval officer after 1892. He started to work at the General Staff, Naval Department Translation Office with his teacher and the famous Turkish Miralay Saffet Bey in 1906. He started to work on his naval history research in 1909 when he retired with the rank of lieutenant. After the invasion of Istanbul, he moved to Ankara with his family and worked as an English translator at the Press Department. He became head of the branch office of the Shipping Chamber of Commerce in Istanbul to where he returned in 1926. His articles and poems were published in newspapers and reviews such as Sehbâl, Tasvir-i Efkar, Donanma, Sabah, etc. (Source: Wikipedia). Ali Riza Seyfi has written his book in 1928 in Ottoman Turkish, and the name of the book was 'Kazikli Voyvoda' (Vlad the Impaler). In that story, The characters' names from the original story were changed into a Turkish name. The story takes place in Istanbul. Instead of the vampire word, 'hortlak' (fearsome ghost) was used. Kerim (character instead of Jonathan Harker), was used to protect from evil,  instead of the Holy Bible. Stoker inspired by the historical person Vlad Dracula. So, Ali Riza Seyfi named his book 'Kazikli Voyvoda' (Vlad the Impaler), not Dracula. Özege 10497. Extremely rare first Turkish Edition with Arabic letters of Stoker's 'Dracula'. This was an adaptation from Stoker's famous work, later filmed as Drakula Istanbul'da (Dracula in Istanbul) in 1953 which is directed by Mehmet Muhtar. It's a cult movie.