Diplomasi. 2 volumes set in 1. Vol. 1: Malûmât-i esâsiye. Vol. 2: Almanya. [i.e. Diplomacy: Vol. 1: Essentials. Vol. 2: Germany].

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Tevsi-i Tibaat Matbaasi / Sabah Matbaasi., [AH 1328 / 1332 = AD 1912 / 1916], Ist.

Contemporary fine brown cloth bdg. with a gilded title on the spine as 'Diplomasi 1-2' in Arabic letters. Green, white, and gold colors combined on decorative period endpapers. Light fading on boards, edges, and pages. Otherwise a clean and very good copy. Cr. 8vo. (18,5 x 13 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters to 1928). 2 volumes set: (310, [1] p.; 384 p.). Sealed by Salih Munir Pasha. This book is the second book on 'diplomacy' in literature. It has an introduction, preface, and 11 chapters with many tables showing the demographic, commercial conditions of the European states. The first chapter includes a definition of diplomacy, qualifications, and duties of a good diplomat, international diplomatic rules, etc. Other chapters cover the nature of international relations, the policies to be followed, the mistakes made by European states, Ottoman statesmen and diplomats throughout history, the characteristics of the land and naval forces, and the famous European and Turkish statesmen, the work is a handbook for Ottoman / Turkish diplomats. Salih Munir Pasha, (1859-1939), was one of the grandchildren of the grand vizier Çorlulu Ali Pasha. His father is Mahmud Celaleddin Pasha, Minister of Nafia and Trade. He was promoted rapidly in his public service career during the reign of Abdulhamid II. After having great success in the Ottoman Foreign Ministry, he was appointed as an ambassador to Paris and upheld the position for more than 13 years. At the same time, he was in charge of the embassies in Brussels and Bern. He was in charge of highly significant missions during his embassies such as preventing the activities of the Young Turks and assuring their return to the homeland, facilitating the establishment of the Balkan alliance and Macedonian affair. He was removed from his post after the declaration of the Second Constitutional Period. From that date on, he struggled to regain his reputation. Salih Munir Pasha focused on his intellectual studies after returning to Turkey in 1925 until his death in 1939. He wrote a lot of books and articles within this period. TBTK 7974.; Özege 4093.; OCLC 78175097. First Edition.