[DESCRIPTION OF THE MODERN EGYPT] Musavver Misir hâtirâti. [i.e. Illustrated memoirs from Egypt]

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HALID ZIYAEDDIN, (Ottoman intellectual, author and traveler), (19th-20th century), Agob Matyosyan Matbaasi., Istanbul, [AH 1327] = 1910.

In modern aesthetic full leather bdg. in Ottoman style. Roy. 8vo. (24 x 17 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). 184 p., numerous b/w plates.

First and only edition of this scarce travelogue which was planned for fifteen days on January 19, 1909, but took about forty days, containing a first-hand travel account of Egypt in 1909, an Islamic country that began to modernize at the beginning of the 20th century, written by an Ottoman intellectual, one year after the Second Constitutional Regime.

This rare book contains early descriptions of the Egyptian municipality, the Red Crescent, gardens and parks, urbanism, zoo, and botanic gardens, tramps, bridges, social life, folkloric customs, Mahmil Alays, cemeteries, music and history of art, hotels, Nile and many historical heritages, architecture, etc.

Agop [or Agob] Matyosyan was one of the first Armenian printers to apply during the inspections of printing houses that were done in accordance with the Nizam-name-i Cedid (Jareeda-i Mahakim, No. 429 (13 Jamazia al-awwal 1305) in the late Imperial Ottoman period.

Hegira: 1327 = Gregorian: 1910. Özege: 14459. OCLC: 476243661 / 16347814.