[CRIMEA / UKRAINIE / RUSSIA] Gülbün-i Hanân [i.e. The rosebush of the Crimean Khans]

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HALIMGIRAY [HALIM GERAY] SULTAN, (Crimean khan from the Gerai dynasty), (1772-1823), Matbaa-yi Âmire, Kostantiniyye [Constantinople - Istanbul], [AH 1287] = 1870.

Contemporary cloth bdg., marbled boards. Cr. 8vo. (19 x 14 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). [2], 130 p.

Exceedingly rare first edition of the most comprehensive biographical book of the Crimean Khans and Khanate, including 44 biographies starting from the founder of the khanate, Hadji Geray (1397-1466), each khan period has been handled separately, including narrations of the wars with Tsarist Russia and other important events.

In the beginning, the genealogy of the Crimean khans dating back to Genghis Khan is also given. In the book, the dates of the expeditions of these rulers of Crimea, their reigns, and wars were tried to be determined meticulously. Some important events are mentioned, albeit briefly, like the Fire of Moscow occurred on May 24, 1571, when the Crimean and Ottoman armies led by the khan of Crimea Devlet I Giray, bypassed the Serpukhov defensive fortifications on the Oka River, crossed the Ugra River, and rounded the flank of the 60,000-man Russian army. The last biography in the work was the author's father and Baht Geray Han (d. 1801).

Özege 6373.; TBTK 12314.