[CHINA / UIGHUR PRINTING] Najat yolu. [i.e. The way of Independence]

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MUHAMMAD QASIM [DAMOLLAM] (HASRETÎ), (1907-1985)., Privately Published, Istanbul, 1981.

Original wrappers. East Turkestan map on the back cover. Demy 8vo. (20 x 15 cm). In Uighur with Arabic letters. 120, [2] p.

Offset lithograph. First Istanbul edition and the second edition in literature published after the Kashmir print, of this extremely rare book consisting of the qasidas advocating the struggle of the Uighur people in China and the requirements of Islam by Muhammad Qasim Hasretî (sometimes, Karakashî), written in exile from China to Kashmir in 1951.

Mohammad Qasim Hasretî was born in Hotan (Xinjiang-China), district of Chagligha, located on the shore of River Karakash. During his education, he was interested in Islamic Sufism with the influence of Uighur mystic Ali Merdan. He left his hometown Hotan in 1926 and came to Kashgar. He settled in Charsu madrasah in Konashehir district, whose original name is Tokkuzak, and starts to take lessons from famous scholars such as Albulgani Damollam, Emir Nur Ahmad, Mahmud Ahun Damollam, Hashem Ahun Damollam, Shams al-din Damollam. In 1932, he meets Muhammed Emin Bugra, who is a professor of the Oybag Madrasah in Karakash district and one of the leading names in the East Turkestan National Liberation Movement. Thus, the foundation of the Hotan Islamic Government is laid in China. While the Red Chinese Army was about to occupy East Turkestan in October 1949, people like Muhammed Emin Bugra and Isa Yusuf Alptekin, who left for the second time, are welcomed in Kashmir by Muhammed Kasim Damollam. Damollam published his poems and qasidahs in his book titiled "Najat yolu" [i.e. The way of Independence].

Not in OCLC. Extremely rare.