[BYZANTINE 'MONK MOUNTAIN' BECOMES TURKISH 'ULUDAG'] Bursa ve Uludag. Seyyâhlara rehber. [i.e. Bursa and Uludag: Guide for travellers].

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Türk Seyyâhîn Cemiyeti / Zelliç Biraderler Matbaasi, Ist., 1928.

Paperback. Roy. 8vo. (23 x 16 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). 272, [3] p., [47] unnumbered b/w plates, architectural plans, tables, 2 folded maps (A huge and very detailed city plan of Bursa and Uludag plan for travelers). Back cover is missing. Occasionally soiling on spine and front cover. This extremely rare guide includes three chapters. First one is a detailed Bursa city guide for travelers. In this chapter, Osman Sevki wrote the geographic and historic background of Bursa city in details never mentioned before. Second chapter includes a short guide to visiting places and a probable direction where a traveler can visit for three days. The third chapter and the longest chapter of the book includes architectural works with their attractive plans, hotels of the city in its period, hot springs, and important historical events in Bursa, etc. The last chapter is the Uludag chapter. Osman Sevki Uludag was a Turkish soldier, doctor (radiologist), medical historian, composer, deputy, writer. He was born in Bursa. He is the eponym of 'Uludag', where he reached the top by performing the first climb in the history of the republic in 1925. Osman Sevki Bey attended the travel of Members of the Geography Council which consisted of teachers, in Bursa in 1925. He made the first climb in the history of the Republic by climbing to the summit of the 2545 meters high Monk Mountain. He was impressed by the majesty of the mountain and suggested that the name of the mountain be changed to "Uludag"; When his offer was accepted, he was the eponym of the mountain. When the Surname Law was enacted in 1934, he has taken 'Uludag' as his surname. He published his researches on Bursa, "Bursa and Uludag", "Yesil Mosque" and "Monks and Dervishes of Uludag". OCLC 15585035, 214803532 (Only five copies located in OCLC).; Özege 2688. First Edition.