[BULAQ PRINTING] Hadiyyat al-zâqirîn wa hujjet al-saliqîn.

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Matbaat al-Miriyye, Bulaq, [H.: 1303] = 1886.

In contemporary quarter cloth bdg. Cr. 8vo. (19 x 13,5 cm). In Arabic. 60 p. Yusuf Sevki Efendi is the caliph of Ahmed Ziyaeddin Gümüshanevi (d.1311 / 1893) from the Naqshibandiyya al-Khalidiyya sect. The only known work of Yusuf Sevki Efendi is "Hediyyetü'l Zakirin and huccetü's-salikin", which was printed in Egypt. The author states that at the end of the treatise, he finished the writing of the work on 12 Zilkade 1301/3 September 1884. Since it is known that he was sent to Egypt by Sultan Abdulhamid to suppress "Ramuzu'l-Ehadis, it is possible that he also published his own work in the same period (Bulaq, 1303/1885). It is a detailed book containing the provisions and manners related to the Naqshbandi order. Among the works benefited by the author who cites a wide range of sources, which are included "sahih" of Bukhari and Muslim, Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah and Nasai's "Sünen", "Kutub-i Tis'a", and Imam Maliq's "Muwatta". In addition, Suyuti's "Camiu's-sagir", Tabari's "Mucemü'l-evsat", Münavî's "Feyzü 'l-kadir", and Beyhaki's "Shuabü'l-iman" are among his hadith sources. Not in OCLC.