[BALKAN WARS (1912-1913) / OTTOMAN EMPIRE] Balkan Harbine aid hâtirâtim [i.e., My memoirs from the Balkan Wars]

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ZEKI PASHA OF ALEPPO [Birinci Ferik Zeki] (1862-1943), Matbaa-i Askeriye, Istanbul, [AH 1337] = 1921.

Original brown wrappers. Demy 8vo. (22 x 14 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). 112 p., 1 folded map in the end-pocket.

Very scarce complete first edition with its map, of this firsthand account of the Balkan Wars (1912-1913) by Zeki Pasha who was the Balkan Wars and later World War I field marshal of the Ottoman Army, with striking provenance, the library of his son (The Baraz Family Collection).

Under Zeki Pasha’s command, the Ottomans deployed the Vardar Army (HQ in Skopje) against Serbia, with five corps of 18 infantry divisions, one cavalry division, and two independent cavalry brigades. Following the orders of Nazim Pasha, Chief of Staff of the Ottoman Army, Zeki Pasha initiated the Battle of Kumanovo against Serbia.

His failure to emplace key artillery hindered the forces under his command and led to their defeat at Kumanovo. During the frantic Ottoman retreat from Kumanovo, a disgruntled Ottoman soldier attempted to assassinate him, contributing to the panic. The Vardar Army consisting of the VII Corps commanded by Fethi Pasha, the VI Corps commanded by Djavid Pasha, and the V Corps commanded by Kara Said Pasha, all under Zeki Pasha's command, retreated to Monastir (present day: Bitola) after the defeat at Kumanovo.

Zeki Pasha established a strong defensive position on the Oblakovo heights northwest of Monastir prior to the battle. However, during the Battle of Monastir, Serbian artillery and infantry managed to defeat the Ottomans. Fethi Pasha was among the casualties. (Wikipedia).

Özege 1642.; OCLC (777687237) has eight copies worldwide, the six American institutes holding the copies are CTSFW Library, University Libraries at Virginia Tech, Carl B. Ylvisaker Library, Turpin Library, Alamo Colleges Northeast Lakeview College Library, and Hawaii Pacific University's Library.

Provenance: The Baraz Family Collection, from Ahmet Ziya Baraz.