Autograph letter signed 'Lütfullah' sent to Vasfi Riza Zobu

Autograph letter signed 'Lütfullah' sent to Vasfi Riza Zobu

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LÜTFULLAH SURURI [ERULUÇ], (Turkish Tenor, First Turkish Founder of Operette in Turkey and Husband First Muslim operette prima donna, and Father of Gülriz Sururi), (1904-1967).


[Istanbul], 1946.


Original autograph letter signed as 'Lütfullah' sent to Vasfi Riza Zobu. 1 p. In Ottoman script. No letterhead.

It starts as 'Aziz agabeyimiz Vasfi bey' [= Our beloved brother]. Dated February 17, 1946.

Lütfullah Sururi, one of the first artists who contributed to the current level in the coming opera in Turkey. He is one of the first operetta tenors after Cemal Sahir. They performed many times together with his wife Suzan Lütfullah (the first Turkish and Muslim primadonna). He is one of the founders of the Public Operetta and Süreyya Opera House. He was the director of Istanbul Theaters until his death after his wife's death. He joined the Muhlis's Operette Ensemble (Muhlis Sabahattin Operetta Community) and took on the 'Jeune' roles, he sang tenor songs on the stage for many years. Vasfi Riza Zobu, (1902-1992), was born on December 5, 1902, in Constantinople, Ottoman Empire. He was an actor, known for Tosun Pasha (1939), Karim Beni Aldatirsa (1933) and Milyon Avcilari (1934). He died on November 23, 1992, in Istanbul, Turkey. Extremely rare.

Signed by the author.

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