Autograph letter sealed 'Mahmud Naci' to an his unknown friend

Autograph letter sealed 'Mahmud Naci' to an his unknown friend

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MAHMUD NACI [BALKIS], (Founder of BJK, Ottoman deputy of Tripoli -Libya-, statesman), (?-1948).


Original Manuscript ALS., Trablussam, [Ah 1325], 1909.


Original autograph letter sealed by Mahmud Naci Balkis. 21x15 cm. In Ottoman script (Turkish with Arabic letters). 1 p. To his unnamed respectable friend. Congratulations to Abdussaid Bey, a kind appeal for a payment behalf of himself and sending the receipt to his mother, "Islahat Komisyonu" etc. Dated fî sene 1 Subat [February] [1]325 AH [= 1909 AD].

Mahmud Naci Bey was a Turkish politician, soldier, deputy of the Ottoman Parliament Assembly Tripoli (17 December 1908), founder of Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club (1903). Mahmut Naci Bey, who was one of the founders of the Ottoman Besiktas Terbiye-i Bedeniye School, also became a member of the Ottoman Deputy Council and served as the Deputy of Tripoli. He wrote a book titled "Trablusgarp - Hedefteki Ülke Libya'nın Tarihi" [i.e. "Tripoli - The History of the Destination Country Libya"], which also wrote the situation in Libya with his memories here. Mahmut Naci Bey, who was of Caucasian origin, was against the policy of Sultan Abdülhamid II. He joined Mustafa Kemal Pasha during his occupation years. He took part in the National Struggle in secret weapon shipments from Anatolia to Istanbul. The Independence Medal was awarded for his active role in the War of Independence. 

Signed by the author.

Autograph ALS Letter Manuscript Ottoman Empire