Autograph business card signed 'Cevdet'.

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AHMED DJEVDET [ORAN], (Ottoman / Turkish journalist), (1862-1935).

Original Business Card - Directeur-Propritaire Du Journal 'Ikdam'., [ca. 1922], Montreaux, 1922.

Original business card signed and with autograph corrections by Ahmed Cevdet Oran. 5x9,5 cm. Printed texts and corrections in French; autograph signature and script in Ottoman script on verso. Business card is printed originally under the name and title of Cevdet with an address in Lausanne, however, Cevdet made two corrections on these like 'Hôtel Grammmont" and "Montreux". Ahmet Cevdet Oran was a Turkish publisher, writer, and journalist. As one of the first publishers of the Ottoman Empire, he has been known as "Ikdamci" since he published the Ikdam newspaper, 1894. He was the founder and editorial writer of the newspaper. It is one of the first representatives of the Turkism movement in the media. He is the first person to try rotary printing (done with a circular plate) technique in the press for the first time. Ahmet Cevdet had to leave the country after the 31 March Incident. He lived in France and Switzerland until 1923. 

Autograph Ottoman / Turkish intelligentsia Journalist Collection