[ASIA / KOREA / KOREAN WAR] Fine archive of a Turkish soldier including photographs, medal, passport, driver license, military ID, and a greeting card signed by Turkish commander Necip Torumtay

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AHMET NECMI OKSAY, (Turkish soldier in Korean War), South Korea, 1954-1956.

Original b/w photographs and documents. Photos size: Mostly 8x12 cm, 9x14 cm, 8x10 cm. Slight stains on photos, otherwise a good archive. Dated 1954-1956.

Fine archive of a Turkish soldier including 117 b/w photographs, his passport, Turkish edition of the United Nations Service Medal for Korea (UNKM), driver's license, military ID, and a greeting card signed by Turkish commander Necip Torumtay. The photographs mostly reflect the scenes of the Korean streets, buildings, Korean social life; front, topography, aviators posing in front of airplanes, Turkish, American, and Korean soldiers, day and night entertainment of soldiers, etc. 

The Turkish Brigade was an infantry brigade of the Turkish Army that served under United Nations Command during the Korean War (1950-1953). Turkey was one of 22 countries to contribute manpower to U.N. forces, and one of sixteen to provide military personnel. The first 5,000 troops of the Turkish Brigade arrived on 19 October 1950, shortly after the outbreak of hostilities in June, and remained in varying strengths until summer 1954. Attached to the U.S. 25th Infantry Division, the Turkish Brigade was the only U.N. unit of its size permanently attached to a U.S. division throughout the Korean War. The Turkish Brigade took part in several actions, most notably in the Battle of Kunuri, where their fierce resistance was decisive in delaying the enemy's advance. Its actions earned the brigade Unit Citations from Korea and the U.S., and it subsequently developed a reputation for its fighting ability, stubborn defense, commitment to mission, and bravery. 

The brigade had a full turnover after a period of one year's service. During the service of the 3rd Brigade in 1953, the Korean Armistice was signed. Thereafter, Turkey continued maintaining forces at the full brigade level for another seven years, in accordance with United Nations agreements. Kenan Evren, the seventh President of the Republic of Turkey, served in the Brigade from 1958 until 1959.