[ARMENIANS / PROPAGANDA] Les massacres d’Armenie

[ARMENIANS / PROPAGANDA] Les massacres d’Armenie

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GENERAL MAYEWSKI (Consul general de Russie a Van puis a Erzeroum)

Imprimerie Militaire, Saint Petersburg, 1916.

Original wrappers. Roy. 8vo. (24 x 16 cm). Bilingual text in Russian (photographic reproduction) and translation in French. 96 p. Occasionally light foxing on the cover. Otherwise, in good condition.

Rare first edition in book form of this report attributed to Russian consul Mayewski in Bitlis and Van in 1912 titled “Statistique des Provinces de Van et de Bitlis”. The report was written in Russian by Vladimir Teofilovich Mayevski, a former Russian general consul in East Anatolia, and this is the first edition in book form published in St. Petersburg including a parallel text of Russian fragments and French translation.

The report, allegedly written by the Russian consul, regarding the Armenian events that arose in Eastern Anatolia due to the Armenian question that started at the end of the 19th century and the nationalist approach of the Etchmiadzin Church to the issue, documents the massacres committed by Armenian atrocities and organizations like Dashnaksutyun against the Muslim population in the region. The content of this rare book is controversial and may have been written for propaganda purposes during its period.