[ARABIC EDITION OF ANTISEMITIC BOOK OF THE FREEMASONRY] Asrâr al-Mâsûnîyah. [i.e. The secrets of Freemasons]. Translated from Turkish into Arabian by Sulayman Muhammad Amîn al-Qabili, Nûr al-Dîn Wâ'iz

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CEVAT RIFAT ATILHAN, (1892-1967), Al-Shirket al-Islamiyye., [Qirkuk], [c. 1956].

Original wrappers. Cr. 8vo. (20 x 14 cm). In Arabic. 63, [1] p., 1 portrait of Atilhan.

First edition of this Arabic edition of Turkish "Kendi vesikalarina göre Masonluk nedir?" [i.e. What is Freemasonry according to their own documents?], written by Atilhan who was a Turkish career officer and antisemitic writer, who was one of the initiators of the 1934 Thrace pogroms. It was published in Iraq, probably Qirkuk (The phone number of the publishing house is written on the cover).

During the Turkish War of Independence, Atilhan was appointed as the commander of the Zonguldak-Bartin and Havalisi Fronts. It prevented the spread of the French Army in this region. Upon the victory of the War of Independence, he left the army and went into writing.

In his anti-semitic book "Suzy Liberman, Jewish Spy", in 1935 the Turkish Army gave the order to buy 40000 copies and distributed them amongst the officers. The book is banned on September 17, 1936. In 1942, he was arrested by the government of the time on the grounds that the coup was being prepared. He was incarcerated for 11 months before being released by the results of an investigation led by Fevzi Çakmak.

During the one-party period of Turkey, Atilhan who was close to the ideas of Turkism contributed writings to two of the most influential magazines of Islamic politics in early Turkey; Sebilürresad and Büyük Dogu. His writings and his political activities affected the growing Islamic movements in Turkey. He was one of the founders of Millî Kalkinma Partisi in 1945 and the Islam Democratic Party in 1951. He was arrested in 1952 along with Necip Fazil Kisakürek in Malatya as responsible for the assassination attempt of Ahmet Emin Yalman. He was detained for 11 months and 15 days.

In August 1964 he was invited to the congress of Islamic State in Somalia. He was elected as the Chairman of the executive committee of Congress. This post was his last major mission.

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