[APPELL TRANSLATION IN OTTOMAN MATH LITERATURE] Mihanik-i riyâzî. Translated by Mustafa Salim. [i.e. Traité de mécanique rationnelle = Treatise on rational mechanics]

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PAUL EMILE APPELL, (1855-1930), Devlet Demiryollari Matbaasi, Haydarpasha - Istanbul, 1928.

Original wrappers. 4to. (28 x 20 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). 727 p., richly illustrated. Lithography from the chapograph text.

Rare complete translation of this early Turkish edition by French mathematician and rector of the University of Paris Paul Emile Appell. In mathematics, an Appell sequence (or equations, or polynomials), is named after him, as is rue Paul Appell in the 14th arrondissement of Paris and the minor planet 988 Appella. "In mechanics, he proposed an alternative formulation of analytical mechanics known as Appell's equation of motion. He discovered a physical interpretation of the imaginary period of the doubly periodic function whose restriction to real arguments describes the motion of an ideal pendulum" (Wikipedia).

The translator Mustafa Salim (1873-?) gave lectures on differential and integral calculations, high algebra, technical mechanics, and mathematical mechanics at Hendese-i Mülkiye-i Sâhâne, Darülfünûn [i.e. House of Sciences] and Darüssafaka, which were outstanding schools of the time. (Kökcü).

Özege 13550.; TBTK 749, 4573.; This edition is not located in OCLC.

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