[ALIENATION AND UTOPIA] Yalniziz. [i.e. We're alone]

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PEYAMI SAFA, (1899-1961), Nebioglu Yayinevi, Istanbul, 1951.

Modern cloth saved original illustrated wrappers inside. Cr. 8vo. (20 x 14 cm). In Turkish. 343 p.

First edition of this Turkish utopian novel in book form published after being serialized in Yeni Istanbul newspaper. Samim is the protagonist of the novel and the founder of "Simeranya" which is thought to be in the form of an island, being located elsewhere. One can go to Simeranya by dreaming or while in a dream. The space is introverted. The interior and exterior spaces were described as real places. The subject of education was given particular importance and regarded as an institution that produces and reproduces the system. The future is predictable. Although there are utopian tendencies such as those mentioned above, the novel does not carry many features of classical and modern utopia. Safa wrote about how he solved the problems that he experienced in real life in Simeranya. (Sakaci).

Safa was a Turkish journalist, columnist, and novelist. He came to the fore in the Turkish literature of the Republican era with his psychological works such as Dokuzuncu Hariciye Kogusu [i.e. Ninth External Ward]. He reflected on his life and the changes to his works. He wrote many novels under the pseudonym Server Bedi. He created the type Cingöz Recai inspired by Arsène Lupin of the French writer Maurice Leblanc. He also worked as a journalist at various institutions and published in several magazines such as Kültür Haftasi with his brother Ilhami Safa. (Wikipedia).

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