[AIR VOYAGE IN ZEPPELIN] 49 saat Graf Zeppelin ile havada: Yunus Nadi Beyin intibalari. ["Kirk dokuz saat Zeplin ile havada" on the colophon].

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YUNUS NADI [ABALIOGLU], (1879-1945).

Cumhuriyet Matbaasi, Ist., 1930.

Paperback. Roy. 8vo. (24,5 x 17 cm). In Turkish. 101 p., many unnumbered b/w plates. Yunus Nadi was a renowned Turkish journalist and the founder of the newspaper Cumhuriyet. This rare book is a travel book published in 1930 by the founder and deputy of Cumhuriyet newspaper Yunus Nadi, who will take the surname Abalioglu with the surname law enacted in 1934. His articles in this book, in which he conveyed his impressions of his 49-hour long voyage over Europe in 1929 with the airship called Graf Zeppelin, were actually serialized in chapters in Cumhuriyet newspaper in 1929. As stated in the book, the articles were sent to the newspaper by telegram available on the Graf Zeppelin during this voyage. Nadi, who made a trip on Lake Constance with Dornier X aircraft before the zeppelin journey, tells the readers how difficult it was to find tickets for the Zeppelin journey, whose tickets were sold out days ago. Nadi, who finally came to the city of Friedrichshafen after finding a ticket, started his Zeppelin journey on 21 October 1929. In the further steps of the journey, which continues first to Munich and then further south to Vienna, this time it returns to Friedrichshafen from the route of Hungary and the Czech Republic, over Balkan cities such as Sofia and Bucharest. Yunus Nadi, who wanted to get off at Breslav on the return route and continue his trip to Berlin by train, had to get off in Friedrichshafen due to the weather conditions. From the very beginning of the zeppelin journey, and especially when they approached Sofia, he insisted why to stop by Istanbul on the route. The work decorated with many details, from the service in the Zeppelin to the interior design of the airship, with a rich and literary expression ends up with a "lahika" (i.e. appendix) called "Miscellaneous articles on the aviation", which consists of articles previously published in the Cumhuriyet newspaper, most of which belong to Yunus Nadi. First and Only Edition. Rare.