Afrika Sahra-yi Kebirinde seyahât.

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Ikdam Matbaasi, Ist., 1904.

Modern full morocco in Ottoman traditional style. Roy. 8vo. (25 x 17 cm). In Ottoman script. 119 p., 15 unnumbered b/w plates, and 1 color double-paged map of Northwest Africa and the Sahara Desert. There are many reports and travels surviving today from the second Sultan Abdulhamid Khan period. These are reference texts that specify the military and political measures that should be taken, which specifically tell us about particular geography and the daily life, customs, beliefs, and strategic location of the region's people. This rare book containing Sahara exploration gives extensive information about the Benghazi region of North Africa and the leader of the Senûsî (Senussi) movement living here, Muhammad al-Senusi, and their followers. With the impressive and enthusiastic expression of Sadik al-Muayyad, this work not only reveals the affairs of the Ottoman government, but also the mysteries of the journeys that have taken months in the Great Sahara desert, revealing the living standards of the desert people and shed light on an unknown aspect of Turkish recent history. First Edition. Özege 132. 

Africa Africana Exploration Turkish / Ottoman voyage and description