[AFRICAN AMERICANA - RARE BULLETIN OF EFLNA] Liberation. Bi-monthly by Eritreans for Liberation in North America. Vol. 4. No. 5. July-August 1975

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ERITREA REVOLUTION TO LIBERATE THE LAND AND THE PEOPLE., Eritrea Revolution to Liberate the Land and the People, USA, 1975.

Original wrappers. Demy 8vo. (22 x 15 cm). In English and Tigrinya. 28 p., b/w ills.

Extremely rare fifth issue published in July 1975 in the fourth year of publication of the, a bulletin of the movement known as "Eritreans for Liberation in North America" (EFLNA), which emerged in 1970 and ceased to exist by the end of 1979.

Contents: Editorial; Some notes on the changing role of the Eritrean woman; Victory and revolution in Southern Africa; 14th Anniversary of the Eritrean revolution; The proletariat: Its international and Eritrean history; International backing heightens; Brief news from the field; More on Ethiopia's socialists; 2 articles in Tigrinya alphabet. 

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