[ADANA EVENTS AND KONYA MEMOIRS] Adanayi egherhne ew Koniaye howsher

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HAMPARTSUM H. ASHDJIAN, (An Adana Armenian), (19th-20th century).


Gochnag Tp. Printing House, New York, 1950. 


In contemporary half bound leather bdg. Roy. 8vo. (24 x 17 cm). In Armenian. 2 b/w portraits, 308 p., ills. "The city of Adana was the center of the last traditional Armenian state in the Ottoman Empire, Cilicia Armenia. Irrigated by three rivers, the area was fertile with grains that were exported. Early in the 20th century, there were roughly 40,000 citizens living in Adana of which half were Armenian. Most of the people of the entire region were poor farmers although there was a small population of wealthy Christian merchants. By early spring 1909, ethnic tensions in Adana were on the rise as the "Young Turk" revolution swept through the Ottoman Empire and counter-revolutionary political groups espoused their own brands of nationalism. Coinciding with violence in Constantinople, killings, looting, and burning began in Adana as Turkish citizens attacked Armenians in the Christian quarter of the city. Some two thousand Armenians were killed in the first forty-eight hours as local authorities, plagued by corruption, did nothing to halt the violence. On April 25th a Regiment of regular Turkish troops of the "Young Turk" government arrived in Adana. Instead of defending the property and possessions of those being attacked, the soldiers aided the attackers. By the end of the spree, nearly one half of the city was destroyed and one hundred thousand Armenians were driven from their homes and property or killed.". (Source: New York State Archives, Adana, Armenia, 1909). This book includes Ashjian's memoirs during Adana Events in 1909 and Konya city.  First and Only Edition. Only three copies in OCLC: 9074648 (All libraries are in the USA).


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