[ADALIA GREEK COMMUNITY] Kanonismos tis Ellinikis Orthodoxou koinotitos Attaleias. [i.e. Regulations of the Greek Orthodox community of Antalya]

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[ADALIA GREEK COMMUNITY]., Typg. N. K. Meli [or Mele], Attaleia [Adalia, Antalya], 1911.

Original wrappers. Large 8vo. (21 x 16 cm). In Greek (Modern). 21 p.

First and only edition of this exceedingly rare and one of the earliest church regulations of the Greek Orthodox community of Attalia [Antalya].

Attalia was not a large urban center or major trading hub, but neither was the Greek Community marginal, and it was well integrated into the regional economy. It was different from other areas in Asia Minor due to a combination of factors ranging between demography, geography, local Orthodox leadership, and the city’s social milieu. In contrast to the West-coast cities and many villages in Asia Minor with Orthodox majorities, Attalia's population was only about one-third Orthodox. The main area of difference in Antalya was the Community leadership, which was key to the maintenance of cordial relationships between Christians and Muslims, and the secular and ecclesiastical elements of Orthodox leadership in Antalya tended to cooperate for collective benefit. Throughout this period, a local elite managed to control education and other Community institutions, perpetuating an identity that was compatible with the local Ottoman context. In this last period, the Greek Community printed several books and tractates including a brief history of Antalya and this "regulation book" in the Meli Printing House, which was the only printing house of the Greek Community in Antalya.

Only one institutional copy is located in OCLC 1030075331 (Suna Kiraç Library of the Koç University).