[1978 SPEECHES OF THE CCP] Memleketlik ilim-pen yiyuning hojjetliri. [i.e. Documents of scientific developments in the country]

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HUA GUOFENG, (1921-2008), DENG XIAOPING, (1904-1997), FANG YUI, (1916-1997), GUO MORUO [DINGDANG], (1892-1978), JI DENGKUI, (1923-1988)., Xinjiang Janga Jazew Okewlektar Baspase, Urumji, 1965.

Original wrappers. Cr. 8vo. (20 x 14 cm). In Uighur with the Latin alphabet. [20], 155, [2] p., b/w ills.

Exceedingly rare first and only Uyghur translation of the speeches of the revolutionary leaders and members of the CCP or authors and intellectuals like Hua Guofeng, (1921-2008), Deng Xiaoping, (1904-1997), Fang Yui, (1916-1997), Guo Moruo [Dindang], (1892-1978), Ji Dengkui, (1923-1988). These speeches were made at the National Science Conference held in Beijing on March 18-31,1978.

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