[BALKANS / PHOTOGRAPHY] Album with 17 original gelatine silver photographs showing antebellum Muslim Macedonia in 1907, before Balkan Wars (1910-1912)

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Oblong 8vo. (19,5x13,5 cm), eight card stock leaves, with 17 mounted gelatine silver snapshot photographs from ca. 8x12 cm to ca. 7,5x12 cm, the first photo is 3,5x12 cm. Only two photos with period pencil captions in German on the margins of the mounts. Period grey cloth. A very good album of strong interesting images.

An attractive small collection of original gelatine silver photos taken and collected by a medalist German military officer (seen in the first small photo with his friends and probably his wife) in the antebellum period of the Balkans in 1907.

The photos illustrated his travels to Balkan countries (probably most of them taken in Ohrid), including attractive views from the bazaar in Ohrid (7 photos), views of daily life in the streets and traditional houses (4 views), one panoramic view of probably a Muslim village and cemetery, the locals (2 photos), and Ottoman army in training (3 photos). Overall, it’s a fine album including interesting and attractive images of towns, streets, and markets of the Balkans.